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Uber drivers call or text to confirm that they’re on the way, giving you peace of mind that your order was received.Once your car arrives (usually within a few minutes), the driver greets you by name and you hop in. Uber X, a lower cost version of the service, is made up of a fleet of well maintained sedans.Nos gustaría saber tu opinión.¿Consideras buena o mala idea el chat que integrara Uber?

Among the many problems Uber is tackling are: poor cab infrastructure in some cities, poor service and fulfillment–including dirty cabs, poor customer experience, late cars, drivers unwilling to accept credit cards, and more.

Uber set out to reimagine the entire experience to make it seamless and enjoyable across the board. mobile payments for the existing taxi infrastructure), they tackled the whole experience from mobile hailing, seamless payments, better cars, to no tips and driver ratings.

El chat de Uber funcionara por medio de mensajes de voz alta para que de esta manera se eviten accidentes lamentables.

La nueva función de Uber será integrada de manera global, pero todavía tendremos que esperar hasta que la compañía lance su nueva actualización de la cual todavía no se concreta una fecha exacta.

(Source) In fact, at Disrupt NY 2013, Bill Gurley of Benchmark—investor for both e Bay and Uber—claimed, “Uber is growing faster than e Bay did …

[it] is probably the fastest growing company that we’ve ever had.” (Source) How did Uber do it?Uber took aim at those people by sponsoring tech events, providing free rides, and in general driving awareness among this audience.San Francisco, with it’s notoriously spotty cab service served as the perfect foil for the launch.Uber tapped into that frustration and demand exceptionally well.Uber is completely changing the way getting private transportation is done in several key ways.Once you arrived at your destination, you fumbled to count out the right amount of cash plus a tip, negotiate with the driver who never had the right change, or who “forgot” to start their meter, or whose credit card machine was “broken”.

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